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工业门分为:工业卷帘门、工业滑升门 、手动/电动平移门、快速卷帘门等种类,工业卷帘门制作面积在65-70平方米以内,抗风才干抵达10级。工业滑升门分为垂直进步,标准进步和高位进步,而电动平移门则从中心向两旁横向对开关。

Industrial door is divided into: industrial doors, industrial sliding doors, manual / electric sliding doors, fast shutter doors and other types of rolling door, industrial production in the area within the 65-70 square meters, wind to reach level 10. Industrial slide lifting door is divided into vertical progress, progress and high standard of progress, and the electric sliding door from the center to both sides on the transverse switch.


Which kind of industrial door open the way will depend on your work site needs analysis and expansion of specific situations, but each kind of industrial door plan has unique characteristics and advantages. The greater area of the door also organic base stacking doors, folding doors and other types of. The following to use two of the most common industrial door: industrial doors and door introduction of the features of industrial progress:

1 safe and reliable, stable work: due to the adoption of the integral frame plan and ensure the door bearing program security and the overall work smoothly;


2 occupy the top less space, convenient to settle;


3 low noise, high airtight function, beautiful, light door;


4 operating system can be equipped with a button control, remote control, full automatic operation, infrared safety protection system;


5 infrared device on the door body two to shoot induction equipment, even if forced open the door body, when a person or object into the door, the infrared induction device immediately start, continuous alarm.


Automatic alarm device 6 collaterals, regardless of the use of anything illegal push, move the door body will immediately start alarm.

1.通用型计划能够满意大多数的环境需  电动快速卷帘门求,可水洗和冷却

1 universal plan satisfied most of the environment needs electric fast shutter door for washing and cooling


2 thick rigid panels are lightweight and ambition of the pedestrian and cart traffic


3 thick square tubular steel frame

4.钢质边框焊接1" 直径钢质滚轴

4 steel frame welded 1 "diameter steel roller


5 two 1/8 "ABS thick veneer, useful against bump, dents and drilling


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